The Morning after

The Morning after
Drebin’s work combines the immediacy of fashion photography with the timelessness of great art
A talented photographer without equal, David Drebin is above all a storyteller. His brooding and glamorous works tell tales of lust and voyeurism—as well as seduction and escape. David Drebin He offers the viewer a dramatic insight into emotions and experiences which many of us have doubtlessly felt at some point of our lives. Not afraid to be daring, Drebin also tantalizes us with subtle allusions. His sweeping cinematic images feature the majestic backdrops of such world cities as Berlin, Paris and Rio de Janeiro. These photographs pulse with a charged sensuality, using color and light to maximum effect. Dangerous seductresses play a central role in Drebin’s work. Bursts of saturated Technicolor explode against stone and gray cement. In this, he hints at Hitchcock at his finest. Drebin’s intention is to liberate the viewer from the system of rules of everyday life and restore his faith, emotion, and humanity. The distinctive tension and depth in his pictures arise from the free combination of such differing topics as humor and sex, melancholy and sex, and melancholy and humor. We’re left with a tinge of regret amid the sensual excess.
A graduate of Parsons School of Design in New York City in 1996, David Drebin rapidly made a name for himself as an internationally successful photographer.


Автор:  Дэвид Дребин (David Drebin)

Язык:  английский, немецкий, французский, итальянский, испанский

ISBN:  978-3-8327-9448-4

Год:  2011

Издательство:  teNeues


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