Broken Spirits

Broken Spirits
BROKEN SPIRITS is a short but urgent study of the sanctity of 'nature morte'. Eberhard Grames works are composed still lifes that use dead objects - animal and vegetable - and instead of photographing these objects as they are found, Grames brings them into the studio and arranges disparate objects in fascinating tableaus that are as beautiful as they are sad.

There is much to be said about the centuries old tradition of painting still life imagery: it has been the means by which artists continue to hone their skills as observers since the early 1500s. Many photographers have embraced the memento mori genre since the invention of the camera, but few have raised this odd emphasis on lifeless objects to the level of poetry that is here evident in these works by Eberhard Grames. Highly recommended for art students as well as photography buffs. Grady Harp, March 2005


Автор:  Eberhard Grames

Язык:  английский

ISBN:  978-3-905514-87-2

Год:  1995

Издательство:  Edition Stemmle


Количество страниц
1,9 x 25,4 x 31,1 cm