Fashion in Motion

Fashion in Motion
A former dancer trained in classical ballet, Esther Haase uses the element of motion to create images full of vibrant sensuality and smoldering eroticism—a photographer's dance with her models.
This young, awardwinning photographer is an exceptional talent among fashion photographers. Her works are cinematic visions, professionally staged and composed, yet possessing an extraordinary levity. As she says herself, "the most important thing for me is to generate an impression of spontaneity—a trace of movement." That is the source of Haase's unique style, a mixture of uncommon vitality, a boundless love of life and smoldering eroticism.


Автор:  Esther Haase

Язык:  английский

ISBN:  978-3-908163-19-0

Год:  2000

Издательство:  Edition Stemmle


Количество страниц
34,7 x 25,8 x 2 cm