Marcia Lippman: Sacred Encounters, East & West

Marcia Lippman: Sacred Encounters, East & West
This book is the first monograph devoted to the work of the internationally-renowned photographer Marcia Lippman. A selection of 90 images from the eastern and western hemispheres in encounter and dialogue.

These luminous photographs, ranging in subject from the overgrown jungles of Angkor Wat, to the Jewish Cemetery in Prague, or the tranquil banks of the irriwady River in Myanmar, invite the viewer onto a stunning journey of spirit and imagination. Lippman's eye dwells affectionately on the sensuous and lyrical, distilling time and memory through meditative attention to hidden details which transport, expand and enrapture as do the best music and poetry.
Culled from years of solitary travel into largely-unmapped territory, this classic anthology stirs the soul and awakens the heart in its celebration of East and West, beauty and sexuality, ritual and ceremony, flesh and stone, death and life - the common threads in the human tapestry.


Автор:  Marcia Lippman

Язык:  английский

ISBN:  978-3-908163-26-8

Год:  2000

Издательство:  Edition Stemmle


Количество страниц
33 x 1,9 x 33,7 cm