Naked Beauty

Naked Beauty

    Accompanies a series of exhibitions in Los Angeles, London, and Paris
    Foreword by Anne Wilkes Tucker, Curator of Photography at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Texas
    Sylvie Blum is represented by Fahey Klein Gallery, Los Angeles

As a woman and an artist, Sylvie Blum offers a unique perspective on the female form. As an ex-model, she understands how important the subject is to the creative process. Steeped in photographic tradition, Sylvie Blum has worked with such iconic artists as Helmut Newton, Andreas H. Bitesnich, and Günter Blum. With exacting attention to lighting she bathes the studio in a gentle glow. Her technique and composition are remarkable, yet her endearing and fun-filled personality sets her subjects at ease. Sylvie Blum brings not just perfection but passion to her work. Each impeccable image transcends sculptured form to convey the true essence of a beautiful (and confident) woman.


Автор:  Сильвия Блум (Sylvie Blum)


ISBN:  978-3-8327-9579-5

Год:  2011

Издательство:  teNeues


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28x34,6 см