Nudes: Bitesnich

Nudes: Bitesnich
Often described as "sculptural", Andreas H. Bitesnich's style of photography embodies clear and impeccably shaped forms, laden with energy, and echoes an almost diagrammatic approach to composition. His models, both male and female, are near incomprehensibly beautiful, powerful and perfect. To Bitesnich, the human body is a complete work of art, deserving of unceasing tribute and of being constantly rediscovered. His quest for the perfect picture sees him frequently travelling, and his location shoots from some of the most remote places of the world provokes the senses, pushing the boundaries of eroticism and creating exciting and arresting imagery. This volume captures some of Bitesnich's most graceful and alluring black and white nudes, acting as homage to light, shadow, composition and photography as much as it does to the human form.


Автор:  Андреас Битеснич (Andreas H. Bitesnich)

Язык:  английский

ISBN:  978-3-908161-42-4

Год:  1998

Издательство:  Edition Stemmle


Количество страниц
36,2 x 28,8 x 2,7 cm