Andreas Bitesnich, Erotic

Andreas Bitesnich, Erotic
Completed in just weeks, this book sees Bitesnich unleash his creative potential with a beautiful new Asian model. Marvel as the master captures her beauty in a series of original poses. The reader witnesses a spark in these images-- with both model and artist at the peak of their creativity. As Bitesnich immerses himself in this breakthrough work, he makes a fasci - nating discovery--a cache of nude photographs by his grandfather-- an engineer by profession. What an eerie parallel between Bitesnich's latest work and his grandfather's own artistic appreciation of the human form.


Автор:  Андреас Битеснич (Andreas H. Bitesnich)

Язык:  английский

ISBN:  978-3-8327-9479-8

Год:  2011

Издательство:  teNeues


Количество страниц
2,5 x 28,6 x 36,8 cm